Adplexity group buy tools

Adplexity (mobile,native,desktop,adult) Group Buy only $20/month

We provide the remote desktop to login , no need  firefox or chrome to login.Now many people are looking for the best spy tool, i had used many spy tools like : whatrunswhere,spyfu,adbeat,buzzad,adplexity. But i think the best spy tool is adplexity, it helps me to work better .how does the adplexity group buy tool works?1, search by the keyword you can type in the keyword on it, it is the fastest way to find the ads that you are interested. 2, by the classify Also you can click the “by advertiser” ,”by publisher”,”by placement”,”alerts” and so on. 3,by the “days running” and “ad type” you can choose the ad days running and ad type. 4,by device type i give you to look is the adplexity mobile plan, so you can see the “android phone”,”iphone” 5,by ad size so many sizes to choose6,by country it is very helpful to find what you need 7,by language you can see it has english,spanish, russian, arabic, german ……also you can click the “choose more” button to find more languages. 8,by connection like Airtel in, AI Jswal SA, vERIZON US and so on 9, by traffic source popads,popcash, propellerads, adcash , zeropard….you can click “choose more” button to find more traffic sources. 10,by affiliate network yeahmobi,mobvista,clickdealer, appflood, mobidea… can click “choose more” button to find more affiliate networks. 11,by tracking tool voluum,imobitrax,binom,bemob,adsbrides… can click “choose more” button to find more tracking tools. 12, how to download the landing page  you can click the ad banner and you will see this, just click “show more”,then you will see “more ads by this advertiser” and “download this landing page”.